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Upcoming Webinars and Workshops for Adults in Mid-life & Older:
The Art and Science of Aging Well
1 Hour Webinar for Adults in Mid-life & Older

The Art & Science of Aging Well webinar should be taken before the Optimal Aging Workshop series.

In this 1-hour educational webinar you will learn about the science of optimal aging and THRIVE (c) Approach to Wellbeing. You will also discover if the 4-week Optimal Aging Workshop is right for you.

Optimal Aging Workshop Series
4 Week Virtual Educational Workshop Series for Adults in Mid-life & Older

This workshop series for adults mid-life and older is intended for adults who complete the 1 hour "Art & Science of Aging Well" webinar and are also ready to set a health goal. Workshop registrants should also commit to attending all 4 weeks of the series.

The Optimal Aging Workshop series can improve your outlook, wellbeing and health behaviours.

1 Hour Free Webinar
Booster Session: THRIVE with Self-Compassion
1 Hour Webinar for Adults Mid-life and Older

In this 1-hour educational webinar you will learn about the benefits of compassion and mindfulness and how to practice compassion.

Our Educational Facilitators

Dr. Michelle Dow

Dr. Michelle Dow is a family physician working in a collaborative care clinic in her native hometown of Clare, NS. She is of Acadian descent and has a bilingual practice. She has a comprehensive family medicine practice caring for newborns, teens, adults, and the elderly. She does house calls and attends to the elderly in two nursing homes. She has a passion for teaching and teaches residents in the longitudinal residency program. Dr. Dow is the MD Recruitment Lead physician for the Western Zone and works part time for the Professional Support Program of DoctorsNS.

Dr. Linda Gobessi

Dr. Linda Gobessi is affiliated with the Geriatric Psychiatry Community Services of Ottawa and is a consulting psychiatrist to Bruyere Continuing Care. She obtained her Medical Degree at the University of Toronto, her residency at McGill University and her fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry at the University of Ottawa. Currently she teaches, supervises and works collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team that provides outreach services to the elderly in their homes. She is also a clinical supervisor and lecturer at the University of Ottawa. Her professional interests include psychotherapy with the elderly and providing care for people with dementia and their families.

Dr. Jennifer Brault

Dr. Jennifer Brault is geriatric psychiatrist with the Geriatric Community Services of Ottawa. She provides psychiatric care in collaboration with interdisciplinary team members. Her previous clinical experiences include inpatient geriatric psychiatry and behavioral support consultation to medical and surgical inpatient units. She completed medical school, residency and fellowship training at the University of Ottawa. She also has a Master’s in Public Health from Lakehead University. Her main clinical interest is supporting people and families affected by dementia.

Dr. Alexandre Dow

Dr. Alexandre Dow is a general psychiatrist at Hôtel-Dieu d'Arthabaska in Victoriaville, Quebec. He is the director of the first episode psychosis clinic for his region. He completed his residency in psychiatry at Université de Sherbrooke in 2019. Aside from his work in mental health, Dr Dow has a wife and two young children. He enjoys time with his family and everything pertaining to the outdoors (boating, hunting, fishing, winter sports).

Wellness Together Canada is funding the Fountain of Health to scale and spread educational webinars and workshops to midlife and older adults across Canada.

TEDx Talk on Optimal Aging

Having a positive outlook on aging might be one of the most important factors in optimal aging. Learn more in this TEDx Talk by Dr. Keri-Leigh Cassidy, Founder of the Fountain of Health™

What are people saying about the Fountain of Health's Thrive Learning Centre?

“This was a most informative webinar. The presenters were able to impart their vast knowledge of a vital topic with clarity and passion.”


“What impressed all of us in the workshop was the importance of socialization. It's important to keep our need for others in our minds.”


“I was very interested in the focus on goal setting and reporting on progress. It was such a good illustration about how things can be changed if you get on the right path. The Fountain of Health is a way of finding out what the right path is.”


“At first I was skeptical that goal setting could help me but I decided to try. It was life changing for me. As a result of taking the Fountain of Health course I found the courage to try tennis again. My body became so improved and strong. I felt like a different person. I am very grateful to Fountain of Health for steering me in the right direction.”